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1. Can I attend the Dinner WITHOUT attending or paying for the whole Reunion?  
Yes. You may attend the Dinner only without paying for the full Reunion. Simply fill out and submit the RSVP form, and then purchase your dinner(s) by making the appropriately totalled donation on the donation page. 
2. What are the prices of the Dinner options?
The Friday Taco Dinner is $20 per plate. **Price includes 5.5% tax and 18% tip. 
The Saturday Dinner is:   Prime Rib $75 per plate.
Cheddar Basil Chicken, Vegetarian Grilled Portabella or Vegan Grilled Portabella $65 per plate.  **Price includes Hors d'oeuvres, Salad, Entree, dessert, two free drinks, 5.5% tax and 18% tip, and cover charge for dance.
3. Is it cheaper and faster to purchase my tickets by mailing my payment instead of purchasing my ticket on the website?
Simply... yes, and yes!! MyEvent .com charges a processing and handling fee on every ticket or dinner purchased by donation or on the tickets page. It ALSO takes 14 days to process that payment and make it available for deposit into our class account. While this website makes it easier to track and count RSVPS and dinner choices, it is not easier to access the proceeds of our tickets sales, so MAILING your payment is both cheaper and faster!! See the Ticket Prices Tab for more information.